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Read Testimonials from our Clients!

I have recently attended the Speech Clinic for one month now, and I am very pleased with the results on my speech therapy. They are also helping with my difficulty swallowing.  Kausar is very attentive to me and very helpful. I highly recommend The Speech Clinic!

Thanks very much,

All of Mason’s life we have struggled with understanding him. Mason was like a grunting caveman as a two year old with no discernible language. We were considering having him tested for a behavioral problem when we started with Lauren at The Speech Clinic one year ago. Mason was angry, sad, and giving up on trying to communicate. He was hopeless that he would be able to talk in a meaning way, so he stopped trying and screamed all the time. Mason told us he was angry because no one understood what he was saying, which made children ignore him and treat him like a baby. After working with Lauren we immediately saw a huge shift in personality. Mason was able to convey what he wanted and needed from his teachers and his family. He has thrived socially and is not afraid to repeat himself so we understand what he needs. It is impossible for us to convey in words what Lauren means to us. We cannot possible thank Lauren enough for all of the hard work she has put into working with our son. Lauren’s never ending optimism and warm, welcoming personality has given our son a safe place to try to say the words he was never able to say. She made him want to try. With Lauren’s direction, Mason is on target in school and has caught up with his peers. How do you thank someone for giving your child such a huge gift as the ability to communicate? Thank you will never be enough to convey how grateful we are for Lauren. We are blessed to have her in our lives. We call Lauren the “game changer!” (Because our world was flipped upside down when we met Lauren and she started working with Mason.) We see everything you do Lauren and how you never stop trying. Thank you Lauren for giving us the gift of being able to communicate with our wonderful boy.

Parents of Mason W.

My daughter has been coming to The Speech Clinic for just under two years. When she was around 3 ½ she was diagnosed with a severe speech impediment. She went to a different speech pathologist for a year and a half with little to no improvement. Noticing that as time went on and she was becoming more and more self-conscious, I knew a change had to be made. That’s when I came across The Speech Clinic. Since the first time I called and spoke with Jackie on the phone, I was put at ease. The entire staff is extremely friendly and are more than willing to help you in any question that you may have. I will forever be thankful for The Speech Clinic. I saw improvement in my daughter’s speech within the first month. Ms. Lauren always takes the time after each session to thoroughly explain exactly what was worked on that day and helpful tips that I can do at home to help further along the process. My daughter loves Wednesdays now because those are her “speech days.” I honestly don’t know where we would be right now if it weren’t for The Speech Clinic. There are simply no words that express the deep gratitude I have for Ms. Lauren and the staff at The Speech Clinic for giving my daughter back her self-esteem. This place will always hold a special place in my heart.

Parent of Lexi F.

My experience with The Speech Clinic has been nothing less that extraordinary. The minute I walk in the door, I am greeted by professional office staff and my essentially non-verbal son sprints into the office of Rachel, his speech pathologist. Rachel has built rapport with my son from a foundation of trust, fun and innovative techniques. She is always willing to try different avenues of learning to make every therapy session successful. My six year old son entered in to therapy three years ago with babbles and possibly a random or inconsistent word. Rachel has helped him use purposeful words in meaningful ways. Speech will most likely continue to be a struggle and there is no other clinic I would choose to be on this journey. Kausar, the owner of The Speech Clinic, is consistently overseeing our son’s case and is supportive and committed to results in all of her patients. The genuine care that is given at this clinic is sincere and accomplished.

Ashley Brink

My daughter has been seeing Ms. Lauren for about a year now. She is a very professional and caring speech pathologist. I have seen incredible progress in my daughter’s speech. During this past summer, we were away for two months. Ms. Lauren was so thoughtful, she put together materials for us to work on while we were away. When we returned, we were able to move on without having to go back. We were so blessed to have her as our speech pathologist.

Parent of Emma S.

When we first started coming to The Speech Clinic, no one could understand my son when he spoke. He has made great strides in his communication skills over the last four years since coming to The Speech Clinic. I will always be grateful to Anita and Kausar for the encouragement, care, and concern they have shown my son. Because of them, my son is enjoying success in the classroom and in life.

Kristen Serpas

I take Katelyn to The Speech Clinic because I trust them. They have achieved obvious results with our daughter. Like most parents, our children are precious to us and we are very sensitive to any problems or issues they have. The Speech Clinic has treated us with sensitivity and respect. Kausar is wonderful with my daughter, and from what I can see, children in general. Katelyn loves to go there and she doesn't know she is delayed in any way. I take Katelyn to The Speech Clinic because they have achieved the results I need in a way that makes her feel like she is playing! Thank you!

Nancy Hardwick

The excellent speech services performed by The Speech Clinic far exceeds the normal therapy sessions experienced by other clinics. The staff work tirelessly to achieve the goals and usually surpass them. The breath of their experience results in excellent results as indicated by the number of happy current and and past clients. The staff are caring, helpful, and work with the client to accommodate time and work schedules. Everyone works together
to achieve the end result of improved speech-language. Insurance and billing is handled
effortlessly and efficiently. Friendly, cheerful atmosphere is always experienced at the clinic which is great for little children as well as the senior citizens. The waiting area for the relatives is pleasant and thoughtfully decorated to span the wide range of clients.

Deirdre Bean

My son John was born with cleft lip cleft palate. He has had many surgeries to repair this. He needs speech therapy to help. He started coming to The Speech Clinic about six months ago. John has made great progress. He loves coming for speech therapy. He uses what he learns at home. John and I have learned a lot from Ms. Kausar. She is very patient and kind to my son. We have used different services in the past and The Speech Clinic is by far the best we have used and will continue using.

April Helton

My daughter has been coming to The Speech Clinic for four years. We travel 30 miles each time. Why? One reason: RESULTS!!!

Mr. Brennan

We have been with The Speech Clinic for quite some time. The people there are not only knowledgeable and professional, but also they are caring and make you feel like family. My son is very comfortable and that enables him to concentrate on his speech and pragmatics. Kausar and Dee feel like family to us and have often gone the extra mile to accommodate us when needed. I cannot see going elsewhere when my son has improved so well there.

Wynona Harris

Kausar has helped my wife when two other speech pathologists could not. Kausar has made a great difference and we are very thankful.

Mr. Norman

Houston speech therapy - testimonialI have always felt welcomed here. I felt at home the first time I walked in the office. They make me tea. My stroke made me where I was not able to talk or write. Look at me now, I am writing and I am talking too. Thanks to Kausar and Dee.

Ms. Caroline Anih

My son has been a patient of Kausar Zafar's for five years, since kindergarten. Kausar has been an extremely positive influence in his development. She is not only concerned with his oral-motor strengths, but also his social speech skills. We can always count on Kausar to work in conjunction with our son's school IEP goals, as well as to help develop them. She is an extremely professional, hardworking therapist.

A Katy patient's mom

Houston speech therapy - testimonialMs. Kausar has been working with our oldest child, who was born with cleft lip and palate, since March 2001. Due to the nature of our daughter's birth defect she needs extremely specialized oral-motor and speech therapy. Our daughter's plastic surgeon at Texas Children's Hospital continues to be very pleased with her speech progress.

Ms. Kausar also works with our younger daughter who was showing speech and language development delays as a preschooler. Ms. Kausar's early intervention has helped our daughter make steady progress since she entered kindergarten.

Houston speech therapy - testimonialWe feel so blessed to have found someone of Ms. Kausar's caliber and ability in the Katy area. We are most impressed with her professionalism and dedication to the children. She constantly challenges the children in a very gentle way and gets excellent results. She keeps in touch with the plastic surgeon and checks for changes in speech which might need more surgery. She is very flexible and copes with different situations easily. Her dedication to her patients is outstanding.

Deirdre Bean

Houston speech therapy - testimonialMy wife Joanne has been receiving speech therapy from The Speech Clinic for several months due to a fall and brain surgery. When we started, she was having problems swallowing and would not try any solid, spicy, or sweet foods. Her diet was very limited. She was very sensitive to bright light, noise, and temperature variations. She also had poor short-term memory. She has improved steadily thanks to the skilled efforts of Kausar. She eats almost anything, the sensitivity has returned to normal. Short-term memory has greatly improved and she is very social. I am very pleased with the results we are obtaining thanks to the efforts of Kausar.

Rex I Warrick

The Speech Clinic has helped our son tremendously. Not only have we noticed a difference in his fluency, his grades and attitude about school have improved as well.

George and Rikki Franklin

Houston speech therapy - testimonialMy son, Brian, was born prematurely and now has several developmental delays, including speech. Since coming to The Speech Clinic, Brian is starting to verbalize himself and even speak some words. Under the guidance of Kausar, he has improved his overall behavior and his speaking abilities. He is able to understand the different concepts of speech through different activities that Kausar has introduced to him. She has earned his trust and he now looks forward to his speech sessions.

Geraldine Blake

The Speech Clinic has been a true asset to my family. About three years ago. my six year old son, Brandon, was having difficulty speaking and expressing himself. From day one, his speech therapist, Anita, has diligently worked with him and she was able to immediately diagnose Brandon's weaknesses. Now he is able to clearly verbalize himself and we now understand everything that Brandon says. Anita is very good at managing his behavior. At times Brandon can be very hyper and have a difficult time focusing. Anita has a way of re-directing Brandon's attention in a way that makes him want to do his work and once his session is completed, he leaves out very happy. My family and I continue to see progress in Brandon's speech. He does very well in school and I owe it a lot of it to Anita and The Speech Clinic.

Geraldine Blake

My son Jake has been coming to The Speech Clinic for a little over two years. He as seen Miss Anita the entire time. When Jake started, he had many refusal and defiant behaviors. He screamed much of the time and had no conversation skills. Jake really had very little language at all at that time besides echolalia.

Over the years, Miss Anita has shown great patience, kindness, respect, and consistency to Jake. He has always responded very well to her, which shows me the bond that the two of the have formed. Two years later, my son, Jake has tons of language. He can express himself quite well with very minimal screaming. Jake can engage in a conversation with adults as well as his peers. This has also helped his socially because he has many more appropriate skills in which to interact with kids his own age. Jake can now speak with emotion, get and tell jokes, and show his real personality.

I would like to personally thank The Speech Clinic and Miss Anita specifically. She has helped my little boy in immeasurable ways!

Becky Woodring

Houston speech therapy - testimonialThank you for the enhancement of my ability to express myself.



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