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The Speech Clinic Announcements!

The Speech Clinic, an established, dynamic private practice in Katy, TX, is hiring Full-Time SLP. Excellent work environment. Competitive salary, benefits, SIMPLE IRA. Also looking for Part-Time SLP for afternoon hours and Saturdays.

Please fax resume to 281-579-1524 or email them thespeechclinic@hotmail.com

We now accept Medicaid patients from 18 months to 21 years of age.  Please call our office for more details 281-579-1515.

We are happy to announce that we are starting a Reading Intervention Program at The Speech Clinic. This program uses the Orton-Gillingham approach and includes:

  • Specific Dyslexia therapy
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Decoding (Reading)
  • Encoding (Spelling)
  • Automating and Fluency
  • Reading Comprehension

We are starting this program effective immediately. We are now scheduling appointments to start the evaluation process. Call us as soon as possible so that you can pick a time that suits your schedule. For more information, please call 281-579-1515.

A Speech Pathologistís Tribute To A Mother

He came to our clinic in December of 2011. He had been in a motor cycle accident and had been at the major rehabilitation hospitals. Now he was receiving outpatient physical and occupational therapies and was referred to us for speech therapy. When I talked to him, a guttural sound came out, but no words were understandable. He wrote down his thoughts in a fairly grammatical sentence and thatís how we communicated for the first month. He did have an augmentative communication device, an iPad programmed for him by a major hospital. However, he was not able to use it. It sat in the bag at the back of his wheelchair. Anyway, we started working. I addressed the tightness in his muscles of the face, neck, and chest. Because of tension and spasticity, his speech and respiration muscles were so tight his articulators could not move. I trained him to communicate with his iPad and kept working on his speech muscles to relax enough to produce some sounds. Gradually, he started improving. I started giving homework to his mother, who initially felt it was too much. It was already a lot of work to bring a 6 feet, 2 inch 200-plus pound man in a wheelchair three times per week. However, she complied. One day, it was raining and as she was taking him out of the car, he fell. Luckily, he did not get hurt. I said to myself, she will not bring him anymore. The next day, they were sitting out in the reception room. Rain or shine, they were always there. I kept increasing the home program. I added exercise videos to his iPad, explaining to his mother as I went. He kept making progress. Last May, they stopped coming. We found out that the Medicare money had run out and insurance had not been paying.
This May, they were back and wanted to continue. I heard him answer the greeting to my office manager. I heard a good resonant, somewhat clear speech, telling my office manager that he was good. I said to myself whoever they went to last year, did a good job. As they came in and we sat down to take the case history, I asked where they had gone to get therapy. The mother told me that all they had been doing was practicing the home program I had given them. He worked for two hours each day and his mother worked with him just as I had taught her.

So I want to pay my tribute to his mother for continuing the progress, even after I was not working with him. The moral of the story is that progress happens not just because of the clinician, but when the client, caregiver, and the clinician work together. That is when we see results. Bravo for all of your hard work!

Mr. Gary King, Client
Mrs. Sandra King, Mother
Kausar H. Zafar, Clinician

The Open House that we hosted on November 8, 2013 was a wonderful success!
 As we introduce our new facility, we are grateful to all of our friends and colleagues who joined us to make this a very special day for our practice.

We are thrilled to tell you that we have relocated to our brand new building that we designed to meet our speech pathology needs. The new building is spacious, has more treatment rooms, a conference room and a much bigger reception area to accommodate the needs of our growing practice. It also has a huge area upstairs where we plan to do some parent and family training workshops. The best part is that we have a beautiful fountain where the birds like to frolic in the water and is a visual feast. We are so very excited to share our news with all of you. Please do come and visit us if you have not been to the clinic lately.

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